Our Unique Package

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The best of both worlds.

We love great value just as much as you do. That's why we have combined our 'Pain Relief' and 'Skin Restoration' cream into one package, so you can have one of each on hand at any one time.

 Made from 100% all-natural products
 A unique blend of pure essential oils, shell, gem and flower essences, colour therapy, botanicals, magnesium oil, shea butter and vegesorb
 Safe for babies, children, adults and the elderly.
Each cream has a specific purpose, whether you need to heal that sprained ankle, treat that annoying mosquito bite or simply moisturize your dry skin, we've refined the formula so you can enjoy both together. Our shipping packages are also designed to fit both jars in one, so don't worry about adding any unnecessary waste into the environment!
We suggest applying 3-4 times a day to the affected area for best results.

*Please visit our individual product pages to find out more information:

Pain Relief Cream 60g

Skin Restoration Cream 60g