Our Story

“What do you do when you’ve tried everything and it doesn’t work?” 


You’re probably wondering what makes Unique Relief, unique, right? Well apart from our products, their ingredients and their purposes... our story is a big part of who we are and why we now do what we do. Unique Relief was born years ago from the vision that those suffering from chronic neuralgia conditions could live a pain free life.

The brains behind our company and most importantly the product is a loving wife and mother of three, Debbie. She has always had a passion for helping others and at just 18, started her career as a registered nurse where she trained and worked at The Royal Children's Hospital for many years. It wasn’t until a car accident years later where all her knowledge from this profession would be put to the test, eventually leading to a career as an Alternative Health Practitioner. With the car accident leaving nerve pain damage throughout the right side of her body, Debbie was confronted with severe pain day in and day out.

After trying every cream on the market promising results that did little to relieve the pain, Debbie took matters into her own hands. Following extensive research all about the natural properties to pain relief and trialling many different formulas, our “Unique Pain Relief Cream” was born.


That’s the question I was faced with 19 years ago now.

I was extremely sensitive to chemicals and smells so deep heat, tiger balm and other similar pain relieving creams were out of the question. I didn’t want aggravation on top of the pain and had young children at the time. I needed something 100% pure and natural yet gentle and effective. After spending a few years playing and experimenting with different creams I decided to create my own Herbal essential oils. 

My training and knowledge of aromatherapy, essential oils and the many essence courses I had engaged in became the basis of creating an amazingly powerful pain-relieving cream. 

It became even more refined as the years went on to keep its effectiveness at relieving new conditions I unfortunately encountered including fibro, numerous other neuralgic conditions and more recently trigeminal neuritis.

Honestly this pain cream has been my saving grace on many a day and night. With the formula always being perfected over the years it has been used by many and always brings positive pain relieving results.     


Thank-you for taking the time to gain an insight into how Unique Relief came to life. We hope that we can return the favour in giving back some of that time and more, with a little less pain.

~ Unique Relief